Radical Pixel Founder, Designer
Aug 2017 — now


  • Ongoing — Desktop, App

    Code Reviews Should Be Easier

    Code reviews are a part of nearly every developer’s professional practice. They are extremely valuable because, among other things, they help devs catch errors and write code that is readable and maintainable. Publicly available tools are suffering from poor user experience which lead to inefficiencies that waste time and effort. This project is a team effort by myself and G, who is also frustrated by the code review process. I am leading the research and design to better understand how code reviews are done across our user segments and using those learnings to guide the design of a better tool.

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  • Oct 2018 — Desktop, Web

    Can You Help Us Design a Community?

    A high level goal of my client is to encourage mutually beneficial interactions between investors and startup founders. My task was to strategize and design expansions to the core crowdfunding web experience that would improve founder-investor relationships in meaningful ways. My goal for the 3-month contract was to design a minimum viable product which the in-house design team can refine over time based on user feedback.

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  • Jun 2018 — Desktop, Web

    Easy Peasy Investment Returns

    Investing in companies is very different from investing in the stock market. For one, the rate of change is quite different, as is the magnitude. Most people have some experience with how the stock market works but almost none have experience with investing in companies (unless they're a venture capitalist). My job was to design the UX and UI of an investor's investment returns to communicate their profits and losses in a clear way for a variety of investment types that the client offers.

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  • Apr 2018 — Desktop, Web

    Invest Flow For the Masses

    Wefunder hired me as a contracter to work on a few projects this year, since I have intimate knowledge of the users and the industry. One of the projects is a redesign of the investment user flow I had designed as my first project in 2015. Back then, the industry and user needs were very different, and it's long overdue for a rework. I had a lot of fun redesigning this flow as it allowed me to revisit some past logic and decisions.

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