Wefunder Lead Designer
Mar 2015 — Aug 2017


Wefunder is a leader in the equity crowdfunding industry has helped transfer $70M+ between investors and start-up founders. As the first designer (and eventually lead designer), I spent 2.5 years leading projects that improved the holistic Wefunder experience for investors, founders, and internal employees. Working here challenged me to problem-solve at the pace of a startup, taught me to be more strategic and resourceful, and helped me develop a strong bias for action. Here are some projects I worked on, accompanied by brief case-studies.

projects list

  • Apr 2017 — Desktop, Web

    Improving the Fundraise Creation Experience

    For founders who use Wefunder as a platform to raise money from their users and fans, the experience to set up their fundraise was severely lacking. In this project, I set out to learn about their needs and wants to refine their experience as well as our internal process.

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  • Dec 2016 — Desktop, Web

    Gifting Wefunder

    In a marketing campaign to gain more users, I took the initiative to design the UX and UI checkout flow for purchasing Wefunder gift cards. In the process, I also designed a `wallet` to keep track of any credits a user could accumulate.

    Full write up coming soon.

  • Oct 2016 — Desktop, Web

    Tracking Investment Perks

    Founders often give out perks at different levels to those who invest. The experience of keeping track of who gets what, and where to send it, often becomes difficult to keep track of for founders. I designed a tool to help them with that process.

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  • Sept 2016 — Desktop, Web

    Creating a Knowledgebase For All Users

    The concept of equity crowdfunding is new for most people, especially those who are not already familiar with investing. A huge responsibility Wefunder held as an equity crowdfunding platform, I argued, was to ensure that information was easily accessible to investors (and founders!). I've always advocated for transparency and ease of use in all Wefunder products, so one of the projects I worked on, mostly on my own time, is a knowledgebase. This project was never fully adopted due to lack of engineering resources, but I will describe my process and show mocks here.

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  • May 2016 — Desktop, Web

    Redesigning the Welcome Flow For Novice Investors

    Wefunder's original welcome flow was designed for `accredited investors` (read: rich people) who have invested in startups before. After the crowdfunding was legalized, and anyone, regardless of their financial situation, could invest, we suddenly had an influx of new investors with very different needs and understanding of the process. The goal of this project was to redesign the welcome flow to help those investors.

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  • Apr 2016 — Desktop, Web

    Simplifying the `Form C` For Founders

    As a part of the fundraising process, founders must submit a long list of answers to the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). Instead of handing founders a stack of paper work in 12pt Times New Roman, I designed online forms to help founders fill our their lawfully required documents with ease.

    Full write up coming soon.

  • Aug 2015 — Desktop, Web

    Creating a Living Styleguide and Front End Framework

    Having a living styleguide is quite useful to keep track of design decisions. When I joined Wefunder, there was no system in place to help developers and designers communicate design decisions clearly. To improve consistency within the product, and to create a solid foundation for future designers and myself, I created and maintained a living styleguide.

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  • Jun 2015 — Desktop, Web

    Simulating Investment Outcomes on Wefunder

    I created a simulator for investors to understand potential investment payouts. Since investing in startups is very different from investing in the stock market, having a tool to understand how returns could work in this situation is very useful. I used this project as a way to practice Javascript, and to learn D3 and Ruby.

    Full write up coming soon.

  • Jun 2015 — Desktop, Web

    Improving the Investment Experience

    This was my interview challenge, and then later on, my first project after I joined Wefunder. I simplified the invest flow that was in place, which took over 12 steps before the user could invest, and simplied it down to just 1 step.

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