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2012 — now


Below are some projects I've worked on in the past. Many are from internships and research groups at the MIT Media Lab. This is where it all began, when I discovered my passion for problem-solving through design. In most of these projects, I create physical products utilizing rapid fabrication, tinkering with electronics, and programming the Arduino.


  • Aug 2012 — IoT, Tangible Interface

    Designing a Responsive Pavilion

    I always laugh that this is the only project in which I was able to combine everything I learned in school and apply it: I worked as a design consultant at an architecture firm in Paris. The client asked me to create an interactive pavilion to be placed in a music venue. The deliverables were just to be high quality renderings, but I created a 1/8th scale working model as a demo to showcase the interaction design in addition to the renderings.

    Full writeup coming soon!

  • May 2012 — IoT, Tangible Interface

    Making the Splatter Digital Paint Brush

    For the final project of a scripting class, my teammates and I invented a digital paintbrush and fabricated a working prototype to demonstrate our idea.

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  • Mar 2012 — IoT, Tangible Interface

    Creating Wifi Connected Plush Toys

    Of all my projects, this has been the most fun and challenging. I learned how to knit, how to create scrappy wifi networks, and how to create soft sensors with cheap materials. I wanted to explore the idea of long-distance tangible interactions between parents and their children. It was a real toss up whether I would be able to make everything work due to the finickiness of some of the electronic components!

    Full writeup coming soon!